Monday, August 6, 2018

Kodak 50-inch 4KUHDXSMART Review

Kodak 50-inch 4KUHDXSMART Review

Affordability is always an important factor that can work in favor of the brand and it is certainly true for consumer electronics products. An affordable product can be selected by a well-known brand on an expensive product by a well-known brand. Now Kodak is not a less established brand. However, when it comes to TV, Kodak is still not a well-known brand for many consumers. In the last two years, Kodak has tried to establish himself in a category where competition has become stiff. After the recent entry of Xiami into the TV market, much more. Kodak is launching some TV sets in the last six months and is taking the Northeast. We got hands on the Kodak 50 inch 4 KHDX Smart TV and used it for a while to see what it was made of.

As long as you do not actually adopt a specific design, almost all of the TVs look similar to at least distances. Look closer and then you can see the differences. Kodak is a very basic design of UHDXMART, and around the black panel is relatively thick bezel. The remote sensor is located at the bottom right and takes time to use it. The codec is the usual set of ports that come with UHDXSMART TVs.

The 50-inch LED TV comes with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels and is a UHD panel that provides a level of brightness up to 500-bit. The viewing angles are more than enough and the color reproduction is also quite good. Tons of skin seem very natural on TV and we did not see any sign of saturation. The brightness level is not the best but then no one can complain. Sometimes, we felt that the black levels were not as deep as we would like, but it is not something that makes us very upset. There is a general set of modes that you can choose according to your needs.

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